Kajsa Hartig

Collecting Social Digital Photography

There is a lack of understanding among museums and archives of the social digital photographs' function as memory and tool for communication, and what this implies for the collection, management and dissemination of cultural historical photography. The social digital photograph is produced for and mediated through social media. Despite the amount of user-generated content in social media, museums/archives have difficulties in collecting, largely due to digital images being ephemeral but also because of the museums and archives authoritative role. Researchers have mainly focused on identity and the use of images in social media, whereas the collection of digital photography to museums/archives has been overlooked, which makes this project unique from a research point of view. The project aims to develop comprehensive recommendations for collection and dissemination of social digital photography, and to find methods on including audiences in collecting processes. Furthermore we intend to examine the need for new digital infrastructures, but will not discuss issues like long-term storage. The four participating Nordic institutions in collaboration with the Dept. of Social Anthropology, SU will conduct empirical case studies exploring various aspects of collecting and selection. The material will be analysed and used as basis for recommendations and development of collection methods. The project will be regularly communicated and the end result is a conference and anthology.