Cecilia Sjöholm

The Kristeva Circle

The Kristeva Circle supports research on or influenced by philosopher, psychoanalyst and novelist Julia Kristeva. The Kristeva Circle holds regular conferences, the purpose of which is to establish and advance Kristeva scholarship. Julia Kristeva is one of France's most admired intellectuals and one of the world's leading psychoanalytic thinkers. In the tradition of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan, she has probed the vicissitudes of human nature as analyst and cultural critic, arriving at a novel conception of the subject as always in crisis. Developed in a series of books on such topics as abjection, desire, and melancholia, Kristeva's corpus has unparalleled influence across the contemporary humanities, social sciences and other fields. Kristeva has been a seminal figure in the development of literary theory, art theaory and aesthetics in general. She has been highly influential for the development in feminist philosophy that occurred during the 80 s and after. More recently, she has also published works that have been received and discussed in the field of disability studies.
This year Södertörn University will host the conference, October 13-15. The organizers for this fourth Kristeva Circle conference are above all Cecilia Sjöholm, professor of aesthetics (Södertörn University), and Carin Franzén, professor of language and culture (Linköping University), and Fanny Söderbäck, Assistant Professor (Sienna College in Albany, US). All are former students of Julia Kristeva.

The Kristeva Circle took place at Södertörn University between 13 and 15th October 2016.

The program took place with around 5o participants from 13 countries. Julia Kristeva gave a remarked keynote lecture: "How to interpret radical evil."

A panel discussion on Elaine P. Miller's Head cases: Julia Kristeva on Philosophy and Art in Depressed Times" took place and Miglena Nickolchina, University of Sofia, gave an appreciated keynote lecture.

There were panels on Kristeva and literature, art, music, linguistic, semiotics, philosophy, politics, psychoanalysis and mysticism, and a remarked keynote lecture by Eivind Engebretsen, University of Oslo.

A public talk with Kristeva was performed in front of a big audience at the Modern Museum with the conference organizers. Kristeva was also interviewed in Swedish television during her visit.