Eva Mörk

Nordisk Workshop i Politisk Ekonomi

Political economics is a field that lies in the midst of economics and political science. At its core is the analysis of the behavior of political agents - such as politicians, voters and members of interest groups - who are assumed to rationally pursue their own interest in a way analogous to the behavior of consumers in the market. The main purpose of political economy is to give answers to fundamental questions about how the political process affects economic policy. Examples of questions analyzed are: How do different political institutions affect policy? How do mass media affect political outcomes? What determines voters' decisions at the election booth and which is the role of political parties?
By complementing the research on the pluralistic system in place in the US with research on the Nordic institutional setting with a proportional electoral system, Nordic scholars have been able to contribute to the field. They have been very successful in publishing their work in top-journals within both Economics and Political Science. This work has been made possible by high quality register data and knowledge about the Nordic political institutions. We apply for funding to organizing a workshop where both senior and junior scholars within economics and political science- including PhD-students - from the Nordic countries are invited to present their research. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an arena for researchers to meet and initiate new joint projects.